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Create your Family Tree

family tree builder
family tree maker

Build and customise your beautiful family tree or invite family to collobarate on family history.

Create your family tree in private or collaborate with family to help connect your family to their history.

Customise your creation with your own photos and choose one of our specially designed themes to make your tree as individual and unique as your own family.

Invite family to make your living family tree a digital family heirloom that can be treasured now and in years to come.

Your family tree is completely private on Famberry, only you and your family can see your tree. We 100% guarantee that your information does not get tracked by search engines and we protect your information in transit and on our servers with encryption.

Protect your Photos

Preserve, tag and share all your family photos in your own searchable centralised family album with 2Gb of free space or upgrade for even more space.

Connect your Family

Keep your family messages away from prying eyes on your very own private family social network...only for your family.

Send baby photos, organise family reunions, plan birthday parties and weddings all in complete privacy. You can send to the whole family or specific family members on a social network specially created, just for your family.

Share your Legacy

Build a legacy that you can share with your family. Invite your family and create timelines, stories, biographies, photo albums and more for each family member. Upgrade to preserve videos and documents and unlock more features. Now, more than ever, it's important to keep your family connected to their family history.

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